In one of His discourses Sri Gurudev said, “Today even our OUR HOLY MISSION children know the distance of the moon and the atmosphere of Mars. We have set up electronic brains and hearts. But how little we know about ourselves? The modern sophisticated culture is fast sinking because it is completely dominated by passion and ignorance. Therefore it has become superficial, greedy, unhappy and illusory. It has no clear aim towards spiritual ways of life. What is the use of multi million dollars schemes full of men more interested in beer, naked bodies and cricket?”

Sri Gurudev has written many volumes during his solitude of twenty years which will charge our priorities and turn our attention towards vedic culture, towards the pious and religious way of life. Gurudev’s words are pure gold. They are extraordinarily valuable. His literature alone can save us from the world of passion and ignorance which is gaining further ground for anxiety, frustration, bewilderment and violence.

His radiant words penetrate deep into the core of human hearts and transform his wholly, there by the society. To publish all the auspicious human transforming literature of Sri Gurudev is our holy mission. Soliciting your whole hearted co-operation in this holy mission.