Mahayogi H. H. Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji was a disciple of Dharma Samrat Karpatri Samiji. He was a doctorate from Pune University. He spent most of his life in the Himalayas for Tapasya and Yog Sadhana. Spiritual and Religious Literature writing was an integral part of his life. He traveled the whole of India for Dharmajagruti and public welfare.

H. H. Gurudev vision to disseminate teachings of Sanatan Dharma and its spiritual thoughts to all mankind in the universe continues endlessly, is working diligently. The Great God has absolute Love for man. He comes down to the earth, takes the human form, undergoes all human sufferings, difficulties, sorrows and then rises himself up, discovers the Divinity within and becomes one with IT, the ABSOLUTE. Then HE showers HIS rays of LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and ETERNITY on the human race, to help them to be equal to HIM and to be ‘Free and Fearless’. Due to the impression of a wondrous and divine personality of H.H. Gurudev, a person in his company even for a short time is revolutionized. He has the marvelous power to bring lost souls in the Divine light.

One may come across people with splendid intellect, but without experience of the KNOWLEDGE. Very few are the Realised Souls, who always stay in the highest God communication state (Samadhi). The very presence of such makes the land scared. A single thought of such Maha Yogi`s does immensible good to the human race and saves it from the plight of degradation.

Bharat has produced many spiritual giants, wherever Dharma was in absolute danger. Once again she did so giving birth to the Incarnation of Dharma in the form of Shri GURUDEV. Let us read His Holliness`s literature and enjoy the divine nectar hidden in it. Let us make our life divine and sacred following HIS footsteps.

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